Special programme
" Freefall Impro"


"Piano in jazz"


Special programme " Freefall Impro: Music+Cinema"

Special programme “Free Fall Impro: Music+Cinema” was presented by RapIra NN Production company on the 12th of June – Russia's Independence Day.

The programm included pre-premiere screening of the film “Materia” (directed by Natalia Naftalieva) and jazz concert by famous musicians whose music became part of the soundtrack for the film: Vladimir Miller (London), Sainkho Namtchilak (Vienna), Moscow Composers Orchestra.

The Moscow Composers Orchestra was founded by composer and trumpeter Andrei Soloview in 1995. The project was intended to be a sort of an amateur variety revue for russian-speaking stars of New Jazz and improvization music players. This is what makes it interesting for comtemporary jazz music lovers – each concert turns into a true jazz extravaganza.

Vladimir Miller is a piano player, composer and Orchestra’s artistic director.

Sainkho Namtchilak is a famous jazz singer who mixes traditional tuva throat singing and western style music (jazz, avant-guarde, modern) in her performances. She has a number of solo albums and tours over the world with her music.


International festival-contest for gifted children and youth "Piano in jazz"

The annual international festival-contest for gifted children and youth "Piano in jazz" is held in Moscow at the State Musical College of pop music and jazz.

It is a platform for discovering new talents, where musicians can demonstrate not only their achievements as piano performers, but also show creative abilities in improvisation, arrangement and composition.
The geography of the contest is not limited - gifted pianists from different cities of Russia and foreign countries take part in the competition.

The contest was organized in 2003 by the State Musical College of pop music and jazz art with the assistance of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography. The jury of the contest boasts the best Russian jazz musicians and teachers.

Participation in this competition for many performets is a step on the way to the world of professional music, contributing much to their creative and professional development.

This year RapIra NN Production company was one of the main sponsors of this musical event.


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