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The World embodied in the Female figure during the known history of Mankind from the Pagan age until now comes a long way full of temptations, danger, falls and revivals. The Woman - the source of life, beauty and love looses her true nature to become a cruel and violent monster.

The main heroine who is The Eternal Womanhood in flesh experiences a series of transformations throughout the film: she is the
Foremother of Mankind, The Beauty Goddess, The Mother of God, The Muse, The Motherland, The Liberty in Revolution, The Great
Temptress and The Killer Machine. She is the aggressor and the victim in eternal fight for survival. 
Her death in the film causes the world to crush into the abyss of chaos with wars and total destruction.

The story is supported by documentary fotos and videos of various military conflicts, wars and acts of terrorism showing how fragile the Mankind is. 

This provisional story of a Woman’s path is illustrated with art-costumes and visuals, documentaries, live recordings and feature film
excerpts. They show this transformation of the woman’s nature from creatrix to destroyer.

In 2014-2015 Materia got several awards and nominations at International Independent Film Awards, California Film Awards, The Accolade Global Film Competition, Canada International Film Festival, Trenton Film Festival, Los Angeles CineFest, Colortape International
Film Festival and Oregon Film Awards.

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