Exhibition "Take a look at this world" in Beijing

Personal exhibition of fashion designer Natalia Naftalieva in The National Arts Club of New York


Personal exhibition of fashion designer Natalia Naftalieva in The National Arts Club of New York

Russian fashion designer Natalia Naftalieva's personal exhibition of artwork, avant-garde and fashion collections entitled “Russian Cosmism” opens on April 19 in The National Arts Club of New York.

Naftalieva ignores the decorative meaning of couture and elevates it to the state of conceptual art. She goes beyond the creation of different combinations of garments, does not think in terms of seasonal and stylistic categories, but being a true artist sets a broader challenge.

The creation of self-contained laconic images in clothing is a skill Natalia Naftalieva mastered in perfection as a fashion designer. Yet her creative search leads her way beyond forming harmonic forms and lines. She creates her own language – the language of costume as a means of communication with the viewer. That is why she presents her collections on stage in a form of theatrical performance with live models or mannequins.

Objects created by Naftalieva combine conceptual baldness of solutions and an impeccable unison of color and shape that associates with exquisite toffish outrageousness. Her works appeal to viewer's intellect and sensitivity. Images that costumes form are coded messages that go straight into the subconscious. They are irrational and symbolic. Naftalieva models her artistic concepts on female figure as sculptor with clay or painter splashing out emotions and mentality to canvas does.

“I don't like to simply quote historical costumes. Past belongs to movies and museums. Of course, you can make new fashion trends out of crinolines but I prefer silhouettes close to human shape. Antique art praising the natural grace of human body is very close to my mindset. My guidelines are the lines that play with the absolute form in nature – the human body. We, artists, are the servants to God's creations”. - Natalia Naftalieva.

The National Arts Club was founded in 1898 by Charles de Kay as a gathering place for artists, patrons and audiences in all the arts. It is located in the historic Tilden Mansion, a National Historic Landmark that continues to inspire artists from around the world. The National Arts Club unites painters and film directors, sculptors and architects, writers and musicians, photographers, actors and theater people and fosters young artists. Among the distinguished club members at various times were such prominent figures as Theodore Roosevelt, Paul Manship Martin Scorcese, Robert Henri, Robert Redford, Uma Thurman and others.


Art exhibition "Take a look at this world" in Beijing

The exhibition "Take a look at this world", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Moscow and Beijing becoming sister cities, took place in the Chinese National Museum of Women and Children. The exhbition was organized by the L & K Charitable Foundation with the support of RapIra NN Production Center, the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. The All-China Women’s Federation and Russian Embassy in China.

Using a variety of techniques and methods of Fine Arts, young artists showed the Moscow city in their own unique way. Collected in a single exhibition space, they created a vibrant and multi-faceted kaleidoscope of Moscow life. 

Along with recognized professionals such as A. Sorokin, T. Dobroserdova, I. Korshunov and A. Kuznetzova-Ruf, the exposition demonstrated artwork by youngest artists including the paintings from the series “Let’s paint the St. Basil’s Cathedral” by students of Creative workshops named after St. Dimitry of Rostov. 

The exhibition also represented the collection of costumes " Moscovite Russia" by Natalia Naftalieva - a modern stylization of ancient russian boyar clothes. As well as video art «Materia» based on an experimental same-name film by Natalia Naftalieva. 

The exhibition "Take a look at this world" gathered at it’s opening a number of eminent guests – the vice-president of the All-China Women’s Federation Ms. Deng Li, the representative of Russian Embassador in China Mr. Pavel Lapin, the director of Russian Cultural Center in Beijing Mr. Victor Konnov. 

The Chinese Museum of Women and Children was offered several gifts among which were the unique costume “Khokhloma” created by designer Natalia Naftalieva for the 850-th anniversary of the Moscow city and works by 20th century Russian artists. 

The exhibition attracted an immense interest of Beijing public and was given coverage by the biggest Chinese TV Channel – CCTV. 

During several master classes given by russian professionals to young chinese artists a large graphic panel was created symbolising the friendship between Russia and China. 


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